residential electrical


 Anthony Electric Co. offers a variety of electrical services to ensure your home is wired properly. We offer affordable services and have over 40 years of experience installing wiring into new and remodeled homes, repairing faulty systems, and troubleshooting and solving electrical problems.

Power shutting off in rooms because of an overloaded circuit? Major electrical appliances such as refrigerators, stoves, washers and dryers, space heaters, and other home essentials require a dedicated circuit. Ensure enough power is available so that your home appliances operate safely without overloading the system.


  • A/C breakers replaced
  • Breaker boxes
  • All types of breaker replacement
  • A/C - heat circuits
  • Roof attic fans replaced and installed
  • Ceiling fans
  • Service calls
  • Room additions
  • High-Tech LED Wiring
  • Code corrections
  • New circuits added
  • Small jobs welcome
  • Small commercial jobs
  • Fluorescent light repairs
  • Residential wiring
  • Storm damage
  • Lightning damage
  • New garage wiring
  • Spa wiring
  • Stove circuits
  • Inspection reports repairs
  • Light fixtures replaced
  • Underground wiring
  • Surge protection installation
  • Mobile home repairs and hook-ups 
  • New home wiring
  • Dedicated circuit


Recent Reviews


12- 2019

I just had James Culotta of Anthony Electric do work for me on my old, detached garage.  He is a master electrician with over 40 years experience.  His work was excellent.  As I was describing what I wanted done – replace knob & tube wiring – he would make suggestions that I hadn’t thought of, and which markedly enhanced the outcome.  This was after he had given me an estimate, and which did not add cost.  If you need electrical work you should definitely consider James / Anthony Electric.  He’s located in Spring, but has been doing work in the West U / Southgate / Morningside area. 


 Excellent trouble-shooting job from him earlier this year, he definitely gets my vote... 


 Electrician that goes above and beyond, literally! I called Anthony Electric Company the day after Thanksgiving because my smoke alarm, which is 20 FEET above the ground, would not stop beeping. James, the owner came over that day. Because it was a holiday he didn’t have his helper to hold the ladder for him, he brought his lady friend along and she climbed the 18 foot ladder and changed the battery for me. He will be my electrician from now on!  

June 2019

 I just wanted to thank you for posting your recommendation for Anthony Electric. I used them today and they did a very good job of locating a problem with my house wiring that was tripping a circuit breaker, and then doing a clever work-around to bypass the bad section of wiring that they had found. Good guys! 

May 2019

 Anthony Electric installed a chandelier and bath fan for me. They took the time to get the chandelier perfectly evenly hung at the correct height with my other chandeliers.  The price was very reasonable. James, the owner, is master electrician and can work efficiently because he has many years of experience.

April 2019

  Anthony Electric Company 281-541-8846. James, the owner, is a licensed, insured, master electrician with over 40 years of experience. I live in 40's era home and over the years, I have needed a lot of work done: replace breaker box, install new recessed lights and chandelier, replace indoor and outdoor plugs, trace down a short in  my living room plug that caused all of the lights in my kitchen to go out. James is always professional and his prices have always been reasonable and much lower than any other bids I have gotten. I plan to use him again soon when I get ready to rewire my old house and add on a laundry room. 

April 2019

 Anthony Electric Co. came to my rescue! 281-541-8846. The storm last weekend knocked a tree branch down and the electrical boxes off the side of my house. I was without power for several days. James, the owner, master electrician came out in the evening and worked until after dark to make sure I got my power back on. I could not believe how great a price he gave me. Every other electrician quoted me 3 times as much! 




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